Sam Hubbard’s Stats: Bengals Lineman Will Continue To Be an X-Factor

Hubbard is the Bengals’ Clutch Playmaker

Hubbard’s Stats Show Turnover-Forcing Abilities

The Cincinnati Bengals remain a Super Bowl contender thanks to its ferocious defense. Among the leaders of that defense is edge rusher Sam Hubbard. The 28-year-old has gained notoriety for his ability to force turnovers during big moments. Thus, even if Sam Hubbard’s stats are not eye-popping, his ability to force turnovers makes him an invaluable asset for Cincy.

Bengals logo Sam Hubbard’s Career

The “Fumble in the Jungle” and Hubbard’s Biggest Plays

Beyond Sam Hubbard’s stats, the defensive lineman has made a name for himself by making big plays. In last season’s Wild Card Round, Hubbard set an NFL record by scoring a 98-yard touchdown on a fumble recovery.

This became the longest fumble return in league postseason history and has been known as the “Fumble in the Jungle.” The Bengals went on to win by a touchdown, which made this score even more vital.

Hubbard also came up with big plays in the playoffs a year earlier. In the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship game, Hubbard strip-sacked Patrick Mahomes in the red zone. This forced the Chiefs to settle for a field goal to tie the game and send it into overtime. The Bengals won and advanced to the Super Bowl.

Thus, Hubbard may not be among the NFL sack leaders of 2022. But he seems to get them when the team needs it.

Sam Hubbard’s Player Profile & Stats

Hubbard played three seasons at Ohio State. He was named to the Second-team All-Big Ten in his final season and was drafted by Cincinnati in the third round the next year. He recorded his first career sack against the Ravens’ Joe Flacco.

Career Stats

Sam Hubbard’s stats have been consistent in his career. He’s consistently played 13+ games with at least six sacks in all but one of his seasons. Hubbard has become more prolific over the last two NFL seasons and was rewarded with a $40-million contract extension in 2021.


Sam HubbardStats


Sam HubbardStats

It’s not a coincidence that the Bengals climbed up the NFL standings as Hubbard became more productive. His ability to pressure the quarterback, come up with turnovers, and play decent pass coverage makes him a must-have defender.

He’s a longshot to win Defensive Player of the Year, thanks to the presence of Trey Hendrickson on the other side. But entering his peak years, Hubbard may just have a career season in 2023.

Hubbard Should Level Up the Bengals’ Pass Rush

Indeed, Cincinnati’s Super Bowl odds depend on how well they can get to the quarterback. The team will likely face Mahomes and other elite quarterbacks in the postseason. It will need to get to them before they can move the ball.

The Bengals’ 30 sacks in 2022 were the fourth-fewest in the NFL. And yet Cincinnati managed to hold quarterbacks to an 80.1 passer rating, which ranked at the top of the NFL. If Hubbard can improve his sack numbers, Cincy will dominate the NFL box scores and potentially win it all.

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