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Super Bowl LVIII Closing Odds Report: 49ers Still Slight Favorites

Super Bowl Odds See Little Movement

The Super Bowl LVIII closing odds report shows the San Francisco 49ers are still favored by 2 points over the Kansas City Chiefs. The one exception is FanDuel Sportsbook, which has San Francisco -2.5 (-105) and the Chiefs +2.5 (-115). DraftKings has San Francisco -2 (-105) and Kansas City +2 (-115).

So, you can see the importance of having more than one sportsbook account. Granted, it’s unlikely the 49ers win by two points. But if you can bet KC +2.5 at FanDuel at the same odds KC +2 will cost you at DraftKings, there’s no reason why not to take the extra half-point.

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But the majority of sportsbooks have San Francisco -2 (-110). That’s pretty close to the opening number of San Francisco -2.5. That number didn’t last long, as Kansas City money knocked the spread down to San Francisco -1.

But the point spread inched up higher last week and the consensus line is 49ers -2. If you like San Francisco to cover the NFL odds in the Super Bowl, it makes sense to bet the 49ers -2 (-105) at DraftKings. Why risk $110 to win $100 when you can put up $105 to win $100?

Moneyline Also Stays Stagnant

Just as there’s been little movement with the point spread, the Super Bowl odds on the moneyline have also held steady after a little movement the first few days. The 49ers are -130 at the majority of sportsbooks, with the price on the Chiefs at +110.

Again, DraftKings has slightly different numbers, with the 49ers -122 and the Chiefs +102. Be sure to bet where you get the most value for your betting dollar.

Total Unchanged During Super Bowl Week

The total has remained at 47.5 for a number of days after opening at 47. That’s pretty remarkable when the NFL playoff scores showed the 49ers involved in a shootout with Detroit, while Kansas City won a defensive battle.

But the Chiefs also have the reputation as being an offensive juggernaut, although that wasn’t the case this year. The public is more involved with Super Bowl betting than any other NFL game during the NFL season. For the sportsbooks to come out and post a total that has held steady for so long is impressive.

Will Public Make One Last Push?

The one question for bettors to ask is if the Super Bowl LVIII closing odds will have one final jump. With many states offering online betting, Super Bowl Sunday should see a high number of bets.

The Chiefs may be more of a public team than the 49ers, which could come into play. But don’t expect to see much movement on the point spread. It’s more likely there is small movement on the moneyline and perhaps even the total.

There are no shortage of Super Bowl predictions. Almost everybody has some sort of opinion on the game. A number of those people are going to backing those opinions with cash. But with the Super Bowl LVIII closing odds pretty much dialed in, there’s no reason not to bet early and get ready to enjoy the game.

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