NFL Week 9 Injury Report Card: Minnesota, the Biggest Loser of Week 8

Kirk Cousins Out for the Rest of the Season

A Week That Delivered Some Heavy Blows

For this NFL Week 9 Injury Report Card, we’ve added many big and important football player names. Week 9 was an intriguing week full of surprises, with the recurrent and inevitable bad news: NFL injuries. And when we say “bad” it’s actually for the players, since the bettors will just amend their bets and go on their merry way.

Vikings logo Kirk Cousins – QB, Minnesota Vikings (Achilles Tear)

Cousins will be out for the rest of the season due to an Achilles tendon rupture. The same injury that sidelined Jets’ superstar Aaron Rodgers in Week 1. Paraphrasing Cousins’s catchphrase, we can readily say: “We don’t like that!”

His absence will certainly be a nightmare for the Vikings, and their chances of climbing the NFL power rankings decrease. Cousins’s season is over with solid NFL stats, leading in touchdown passes, second in passing yards, and third in QBR.

Giants logo Darren Waller – TE, New York Giants (Hamstring)

The Giants added their tight end, Darren Waller, to the NFL injury report for Week 9. Waller has been playing with this injury since the beginning of the season, but in his last game against the Jets, he aggravated it. He’s expected to return in Week 14.

Rams logo Matthew Stafford – QB, Los Angeles Rams(Thumb)

The Rams’ quarterback exited the game against the Cowboys with an apparent thumb sprain that was confirmed as a UCL sprain on Monday. Far from posting NFL 2023 MVP stats, Stafford’s absence could be a serious blow to the Rams’ slim hopes of rising in the pro football standings.

Patriots logo Kendrick Bourne – WR, New England Patriots (Knee)

Heartbreaking news for the Pats, who were already facing quite a few problems this season. On Monday, the New England team announced that, after medical examinations, the ACL rupture in his knee is confirmed.

More Important Absences

NFL Week 9 Injury Report Card

Player Position Team Injury
Kyler Murray QB Cardinals Knee
Tyrod Taylor QB Giants Ribs
Curtis Samuel WR Commanders Toe
Drake Londo WR Falcons Groin
Minkah Fitzpatrick S Steelers Hamstring
Ryan Tanehill QB Titans Ankle

It will be quite intriguing to see how the NFL betting lines shift with the absence of these players, and who better than Point Spreads to clue us in on what bettors are after.

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This wraps up our NFL Week 9 Injury Report Card; here’s hoping that, for the sake of the game, we’ll have fewer names in the NFL injury updates the upcoming week.

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