Spanish Supercopa: At Daggers Drawn for Glory in Saudi Arabia

The Hunt for Silverware at the Spanish Supercopa Final

Spanish Supercopa Final Results

RMA Real Madrid vs Barcelona BAR

Date, time: Sunday, January 14th, 2:00 p.m. EST
Results: 4 – 1
Goals: Vinius J. 7′, 10′, 39′(P) Rodrygo 64′ vs Lewandowski 33′
Red Cards: Ronald Araujo 71′

The Spanish Supercopa -better known as the Supercopa de España– in Saudi Arabia is not just a game, it’s a battle royale. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, and Osasuna laced up to chase the first trophy of the season at the UEFA Super Cup. Madrid and Atlético faced off first on Wednesday, followed by Barça versus Osasuna this Thursday. The big question now is: Which of the two finalists will break it at Sunday’s Spanish Supercopa final at the King Saud University Stadium?

It’s a chance to make a statement. Barça, sitting behind in LaLiga, is hungry to repeat last year’s triumph… and now they’re on their way to the final UEFA Super Cup, with their 2-0 triumph versus Osasuna last Thursday.

And for Osasuna, it was a shot at glory in their first Supercopa appearance at this Spanish Supercopa final. Not anymore. It was a do-or-die situation, after all, and the two remaining finalists, Real and Barça, are now sharpening their claws for the European Super Cup Sunday final!

Spanish Supercopa Titles by Club

BAR Barcelona14122
RMA Real Madrid1361
ATHAthletic Bilbao33
Deportivo de La Coruña - Wikipedia Deportivo La Coruña3
ATM Atlético Madrid252
VCF Valencia132
SFC Sevilla13
Real Zaragoza Icon | Spanish Football Club Iconpack | Giannis Zographos Zaragoza12
MLL Mallorca11
RSO Real Sociedad11
ESP Espanyol2
RBB Real Betis11
OSA Osasuna1

Wednesday Clash of Two Madrid Titans

Wednesday’s semifinal was more than just a match; it was a clash of the Madrid titans. Real and Atlético went head-to-head, not just once, but thrice in a month. Last time they met, Atlético showed Real the door with a 3-1 win. Real Madrid, with new star Jude Bellingham, was eyeing their first silverware, and Atlético, on their toes, needed to show they were still in the game.

But times have changed. In view of Real’s defense now being a fortress, while Atlético’s form had taken the looks of a rollercoaster, Real’s 5-3 win puts them on the road to big things on Sunday.

Coach’s Corner: Ancelotti Was Braced for Madrid-Madrid Showdown

Real Madrid’s coach Ancelotti hadn’t been beating around the bush – he had known facing Atlético was tough as nails. It was a triple-threat with the Spanish Super Cup, Copa del Rey, and La Liga matches all lined up. Ancelotti played it cool, all the while admitting the rivalry was a tough nut to crack. Still, it was game on, and Real Madrid didn’t pull any punches.

Barça’s Thursday High-Wire Act

Barcelona walked a tightrope. They needed a win, and not just any win – a show-stopper. Criticized even in victory, they faced the pressure cooker head-on. With key players potentially out, they still had the muscle to overpower Osasuna. Barça’s path to the Spanish Supercopa final is finally clear, but it was lined with hurdles. Now, after a 2-0 win against Osasuna, they’re on their way to the Spanish Supercopa final, and the stakes couldn’t be higher in the midst of their European Tournaments journey.

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